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Alex Carpenter Uses This

Uses This • 03/02/2017

Alex Carpenter Uses This

My name is Alex Carpenter and I am a web developer from Grand Rapids, MI. I am also the one who designed, built, and curates this site here. I had a lull in interviewees for the week so I thought I would share my current fly tying setup.

Molly Roberson

Uses This • 02/13/2017

Molly Roberson Uses This

Kentucky native Molly Roberson gives a look into her nymphing setup that gets the job done. Check out that New Zealand trout she landed!

Shawn Stottlar

Uses This • 02/09/2017

Shawn Stottlar Uses This

In our first installment of the Uses This interviews series, we talk with Shawn Stottlar about his current fly tying setup.