Advertising on The Fly Fishing Dictionary is currently offered in the form of weekly sponsorships posts.

Sponsorships Include

  • A sponsorship post displayed at the beginning of the week that lives on the site indefinitely.
  • A "thank you" mention on Instagram and Twitter at the beginning and end of the week.

Sponsorship restrictions:

  • Images cannot contain any form of text.
  • Limited to 300 characters of text.

How long do sponsorships last?

Sponsorships are indefinite. Once you've sponsored a post, your sponsorship will remain on that post permanently. While the bulk of activity around your sponsorship will likely occur within a few days or weeks of the post being added to the site, you will likely see residual clicks months into the future. The less specific the time range on your post (e.g., adding a coupon code that will expire), the more activity you're likely to see.

Advertising Policy

We only accept advertising from companies/products/services that we personally approve. No advertiser collects any data from running an ad here other than normal click data to track effectiveness.

Sponsorship Availability and Pricing

Contact us to get in touch about the next sponsorship slots and pricing, schedule a post or ask any questions you might have about our sponsorships.

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